Auction Standard Terms Notice

Further to the terms and conditions as set out in regulation 9 of the Contracts for Difference (Standard Terms) Regulations 2014, the Secretary of State informs the CfD Counterparty that the following issued categories are to be used in the allocation round.

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Field Value
Last Updated October 26, 2023, 11:42 (UTC)
Created October 17, 2023, 16:01 (UTC)
Assumed Load Factor Efficiency of generation by technology type.
Assumed RQM RQM value where applicable, default value of 1 where not applicable
Auction The Allocation Round of the data
Baseload / Intermittent An estimate of the average market price applied for electricity achieved by the relevant technology in Great Britain that is used to calculate the budget impact in the Applications Valuations. For example baseload, Intermittent, hydro, offshore wind, onshore wind and solar PV reference prices.
CHPQM CHP Qualifying Multiplier, applicable to technologies with CHP
Initial Balancing System Charge (GBP) The arithmetic mean of the Balancing System Charge payable by electricity generators in Great Britain over the Initial Balancing System Charge Window, as set out in the CfD Agreement;
Initial Balancing System Charge Window Applicable period for the Initial Balancing System Charge
Longstop Period (months) The time in which the Generator must have Commissioned its Required Installed Capacity (RIC). It creates a cut-off point after which generators can no longer meet project milestones. If projects fail to meet milestones within the Longstop period, it is considered a termination event.
Post-Tax Real Discount Rate BEIS’ view on hurdle rates; the minimum project return that a plant owner would require over a project's lifetime on a pre-tax real basis.
Publication Date The date of publication
RQM RQM determines payments made to generators based on the renewable content of their fuels, as determined by Fuel Measurement Sampling. This field determines whether a RQM is applicable or not
Sustainability Determines if sustainability requirements are applied to the technology
Target Commissioning Window (months) The window in which commissioning of the project will occur, as set by the generator in the allocation phase. The TCW incentivises delivery of projects within the window as beyond the end of the window the term of the contract reduces by one day for each day that the Start Date is delayed.
Technology Technologies of CfD generators e.g.: Offshore Wind, Onshore Wind, Solar PV, Advanced Conversion Technology, etc.
Total Project Pre-Commissioning Costs (GBP) Published by BEIS within the December 2013 Electricity Generation Costs report (14D/005). BEIS regularly updates estimates of the costs and technical specifications for different generation technologies used in its analysis. Cost data is broken down into detailed expenditure per MW capacity or MWh generation for the full lifetime of a plant including planning costs, construction costs, operating costs and eventual decommissioning costs.
Version Whether the data is from the Draft/Final/Revised publication